Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mindy Chernoff, Spiritual Horse Director, Visits Thorncroft

On Tuesday, July 3, 2012, Mindy Chernoff, a distinguished spiritual director and equestrian professional, exhibited her unique bridless riding at Thorncroft in our new Jimmy Moran Indoor Arena.

Mindy demonstrates her unique riding skills with Thorncroft riders.
She helps those who seek more spiritually guidance
 using special the connection between humans and horses.
Many of Thorncroft's riders and volunteers were treated to Mindy's demonstration of working with a horse without the formal use of a bridle (that is, no use of a bridle at all).

Mindy and Thorncroft are good friends as they both approach the strategy of life with more emphasis on communiction through patient listening and gentle direction. Mindy, however quite the experienced horse rider and trainer, focuses more on the spiritual aspect of an individual and animal.

Mindy introduces a Thorncroft rider to her horse, Flirtin' With Music

"Years of intense training as a Spiritual Director and her sensitivity to God's leading allows her to utilize unique methods of exploring God in sessions with directees that come from diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds. In addition, the welcome presence of the animals often creates a delightful sense of the sacred amidst what at first glance appears to be very ordinary, mundane moments. Being present to such moments is what Mindy excels at."

Riders look on as Mindy explains her movements

Thorncroft truly appreciates Mindy sharing her special talents and gifts with the rest of the farm and our community.

To learn more about Mindy, visit her home page

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